Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Good Season

It is nice to live in a place where you experience all four seasons.  I could live without much winter because I don't like being cold but it is still fun to have a snow day!  My favorite seasons are spring and summer because I love seeing everything bloom and grow.

We can also have seasons of life.  Some seasons we wish we could live without.  It is during those times that we have learned how to grow stronger like the roots of a little sapling that is planted.  We went through what I would call a long winter, not the weather kind, but the kind that brought a lot of not-so-happy times and difficult times.  We had to learn to forgive people and rely on others.  Throughout it all, God held us and helped us be strong.  

Now we are at a good season, one where we can see the blooms and where we can see how we have grown.  Our daughter is flourishing and having a good third grade year.  Her young author book won at the school level, district level and went to the regional level.  She did an art project that advanced to be judged at a state level.  She is on a great cheer team that has taken 1st place at each event, except for one where almost the whole team got the yucky stomach flu.  We are in a wonderful church that is so loving and encouraging to us.  They truly love each other and desire to share the love of God.  It is a good season.  

Seasons of Life

We all have seasons of life. Some are short and some are long. Some may be happy and some we wish would pass quickly. What the seasons teach us is that you can prepare for some things and be ready to handle whatever comes.

Winter comes, whether I like it or not.  That is how it is with life.  The rough times may come but how we deal with it reflects to others.  Do you sit around and mope about it or do you get up, get going and appreciate the change and the hope of a new season?  I like to have the hope that even though a bump might come in the road, that hope for spring is right around the corner.

Spring is like God's little surprise party.  Things start popping up out of the ground.  Sometimes you might not remember they were there.  It is also a time to plant new seeds for things to bloom later.  How many times during our seasons of life do we plant seeds?  Sometimes we see them bloom and sometimes they don't.  Our children are only young once.  I try to be careful about the things I teach our daughter.  I want her to grow up to be a nice young lady who is conscious of her values and to love others.  Sometimes it is hard to protect her from outside elements while she grows.  All we can do sometimes is cultivate.

Summer is one of my favorite seasons.  What I don't like about summer is weeds!  Weeds seem to pop up so easily and can be hard to get rid of.  Weeds are always strong and can seem to take root and hold on tight.  During seasons of life, we must not let "weeds" take hold of our lives.  These can be anything from bad habits, negative people, or poor attitudes.  What I like to see in summer is the way the flowers can burst with color.  We should allow positive actions, people, and good attitudes to be that burst of color.

Fall is when we usually prepare our yards for the winter.  It is also a time when the leaves change colors.  We can also use this time to look back on the year and see what we could change for the better or what we can learn from the past several months.  It is also a time to reflect on how God can change us and help us to be an example of the beauty He wants us to share.

Whew...keeping up!

Keeping up with this was certainly hard. I thought it would be an easy way to encourage others and keep myself sane. So much happened in a year's time and I keep saying I will write a book about it. Maybe I will, too. It seems like life gets so busy sometimes. Do I take the time to enjoy it and take in each day like a cleansing breath? Sometimes I find myself in so many projects that I wonder how I will keep up. I am thankful for so many things and am grateful for the opportunities that come my way. Balancing it all is the key.